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Calling All PTAB Practitioners If you’re an attorney, patent agent or law student interested in Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) practice, there’s an organization that can make an important difference in your career — the PTAB Bar Association. It’s the only group exclusively devoted to elevating legal practice before the PTAB.

Why Become a Member of the PTAB Bar Association? Members are the heart and soul of the PTAB Bar Association.  We have seen this through the variety of programming created and offered by our committee members, through collaboration between our members and the PTAB to introduce law students and young attorneys to the practice, and most importantly, through discussions and camaraderie at our in-person meetings, such as the recent Annual Conference. 

While we are an association focused exclusively on practice before the PTAB, we are also focused on growing diversity within our association in all ways – not only cultural, racial, gender and sexual identity but also in geography, technology, firm size and practice type.   We are truly an association for everyone who practices before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board.

Membership Plans :  The Association offers different types of memberships. Select the one that is appropriate for you. If you are a private practice attorney and have been practicing less than 7 years, you will need to include the year of your first bar admission with your membership process. 

  • Regular membership includes members who are interested in or practice before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (the PTAB) and who are members of the bar of a court.  Regular membership also includes patent attorneys.  Regular members shall have the right to vote and hold office as a Director or Officer.

  • Judicial membership consists  Administrative Patent Judges of the PTAB and persons who are employed full-time as a judge in any other court and who have an interest in patent law. Judicial members shall not be entitled to vote or hold office as a Director or Officer.

  • Affiliate membership includes persons who are not qualified for regular or judicial membership but who are interested in the PTAB.  Affiliate membership also includes non-judicial government employees, judicial clerks, and students. Affiliates shall not be entitled to vote or hold office as a Director or Officer.

Membership Dues:  The membership term for the PTAB Bar Association is March 1 to March 1 the following year. Membership dues for the Association are paid annually.

Become a Member: To join, simply create a login by completing the New Member Registration and then purchase your membership from the Online Store.

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